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Tips for an amazing photo

  • Take a head shot of yourself only (head to shoulders)
  • Make sure you appear warm, friendly and professional
  • You should be in the centre of the photo and fully visible
  • The background should be simple and neutral, without any distractions
  • The photo should be appropriate and of good quality and standards
  • Look straight at the camera

Specialists rates to be determined independently. Connectable Life will retain a percentage of this as commission.

No sign-up fees/joining fees.

Specialists that sign-up once the website is live and active will be charged 20% commission on each of their consults.

* Not sure what a video URL is - click here

Thank you so much for taking the time to start your online practice with us and contributing to our and your global meeting place. We are so excited that you decided to join us on this epic journey.

A verification email has been sent to you. Please follow the link to complete your profile.

We cannot wait for what’s to come!


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*** Note: Email isn’t always a trustworthy form of communication. Should you not receive confirmation from us, please check your spam folder.