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The Body You Want

Get the Body You Want by Understanding the Body You Have: Julie Allen-Rowland

  • CFMP: BA: NDPod: Health and nutrition
  • NDPod: BA(psych and comm), Certified FM practitioner, Certified health and Nutrition (Plaskett University)

About the Specialist

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Julie trained initially as a podiatrist and then went on to do a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication. After that, she studied Exercise Science (SA), Health and Nutrition (UK) and Functional Medicine (USA).

This is a self-guided course that consists of voice recorded lectures (+-2.5 hours), plus supporting PDF documents.

'Getting the Body you Want' covers the 10 most commonly asked questions and explains the processes in the body. It gives detailed explanations so that when any diet is attempted, you will have a deep understanding of what is likely to work for you and your unique body. There is no 'one size fits all'. We have differing genes and abilities to metabolize food, but the 10 solutions are all solutions that will benefit no matter what your unique genetic and hormonal mix may be. Each solution impacts positively on the hormones and metabolic processes in specific but overlapping ways to lead you towards a healthy, slim and energetic body, without going hungry...ever! Health is a process, not a quick fix, and each of the solutions can be incorporated at your own pace to minimize the yoyo effect of dieting.

This increased understanding will, in turn, increase the sustainability of your weight loss and reduce the risks to health.

For more information, please email jess@connectablelife.com.

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  • 16 April - 22 April

All the timings listed are in your local timezone (GMT-4)



University of Functional Medicine: University of SA, Technicon Witwatersrand: University of Witwatersrand
NDPod: BA(psych and comm), Certified FM practitioner, Certified health and Nutrition (Plaskett University)




CFMP: BA: NDPod: Health and nutrition

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