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Roxanne Goodchild

Roxanne Goodchild Specialist Wellness Counsellor

  • ASCHP Specialist Wellness Counsellor Certification
  • BSc Psychology & Physiology,BA Honours Applied Psychology for Professional Contexts

About the Specialist

You are unique, with your own strengths and weaknesses. With the right perspective and tools, you can overcome great challenges. In fact, there is much to be gained by working through your challenges - a fuller, more authentic and abundant life. But admitting that you're facing troubles, that you need assistance or that you do not feel fulfilled is the first step. My ideal client is someone who needs a safe space & an empathetic ear to work through their difficulties, and to discover the hope that lies beyond what they have experienced.<br /><br />
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I offer trauma counselling to assist you in overcoming difficult things you have faced. I also offer counselling and support for coping with life's changes & challenges. As a specialist wellness counsellor, I consider the whole person and aid in promoting wellness in each area of life. I also offer biblical counselling.<br /><br />
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I am empathetic & compassionate, and provide a safe space for you to discuss, think about, feel through & consider the challenges that you're facing. Please feel free to contact me. "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances." - Viktor Frankl


  • 06 December - 12 December
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BA Honours


NWU Potchefstroom


ASCHP Specialist Wellness Counsellor Certification
ASCHP Specialist Wellness Counsellor Certification

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