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Julie Allen-Rowland

Functional Medicine Practitioner

  • Detox, Chronic disease, Depression and cardiovascular disease, nutrition, CFMP: BA: NDPod: Health and nutrition
  • CFMP (certified functional medicine practitioner) ND Podiatry; BA (psych and communications
  • successRegistered with HPCSA
  • successAffiliated with Medical Aids
  • successPractice Number: 6802389 only covered for certain conditions

About the Specialist

Please note that all appointment times must please be made not less than 24 hours in advance, to ensure no appointment slips through the net. I am a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner but am also certified in health and nutrition, sports restoration therapy and have a bachelor's degree majoring in psychology and communication. My initial qualification was as a podiatrist and I still see diabetics in my practice. I have been in the health industry for 30 years (yikes, giving away my age here) and weight loss, auto-immune diseases and energy management are the mainstay of my practice. It can be challenging to negotiate the magnitude of health information available online, so I help you narrow down what will support you and your own unique health challenges (I even give you recipes). Please connect with me before booking and request the free MSQ, so I can assess whether I can help you, and whether this program will be a good fit for you, before you spend money.


  • 16 April - 22 April
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University of Functional Medicine: University of SA, Technicon Witwatersrand: University of Witwatersrand
NDPod: BA(psych and comm), Certified FM practitioner, Certified health and Nutrition (Plaskett University)






Chronic disease
Chronic disease


Depression and cardiovascular disease
Methylation and depression




CFMP: BA: NDPod: Health and nutrition

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