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Charisse Fourie

TRE Provider & Wellbeing Coach

  • TRE Provider, Master Mindfulness Practitioner Certificate, NLP Practitioner Certificate, The Science of Well-being
  • Certified TRE Provider,Master Mindfulness Practitioner,NLP Practitioner

About the Specialist

I am a internationally certified TRE Provider (Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises) and Wellbeing Coach. I specialise in helping clients restore and rebalance their nervous systems for greater connection, resilience and health. I facilitate group and individual sessions, teaching somatic exercises to release trauma, tension and stress from the body. Through Wellbeing Programs I help clients regulate their nervous systems leaving them feeling more connected with themselves, their bodies and the greater world.


  • 19 August - 25 August
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University of Cape Town
Bachelor of Arts


Intentional Healing


TRE Provider
Internationally certified TRE Provider


Master Mindfulness Practitioner Certificate
Mindfulness Practitioner (Level 1, 2, 3 & Master)


NLP Practitioner Certificate
Neuro-Linguistics Programming


The Science of Well-being
Completed indepth look at the science of wellbeing

Per Group Session
Per Private Consultation
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