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Cancer Therapies

Beneficial Cancer Therapies: Julie Allen Rowland

  • CFMP: BA: NDPod: Health and nutrition
  • Functional Medicine Practitioner

About the Specialist

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Julie trained initially as a podiatrist and then went on to do a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication. After that, she studied Exercise Science (SA), Health and Nutrition (UK) and Functional Medicine (USA).

A cancer diagnosis is terrifying and life changing, and the process towards recovery is long and arduous; but with the right tools, can be a positive and even successful experience.

A feeling of hope and empowerment is tremendously helpful in turning health around and discussion with knowledgeable physicians can go a long way to putting your mind at ease.

Indeed, in the treatment of cancer there are many forgotten therapies that may have positive and beneficial results and are within our own power to include in our daily activities, with confidence… knowing we are making good choices.

This self-guided course consists of audio recorded lectures with supporting PDFs.

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  • 16 April - 22 April

All the timings listed are in your local timezone (GMT-4)



University of Functional Medicine: University of SA, Technicon Witwatersrand: University of Witwatersrand
NDPod: BA(psych and comm), Certified FM practitioner, Certified health and Nutrition (Plaskett University)




CFMP: BA: NDPod: Health and nutrition
Functional Medicine Practitioner

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