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Healthy does not simply mean the absence of disease; it means making responsible decisions and healthy choices.

Where Healing and Happiness Begin.

Exercise, Sleep and Nutrition

One thing we know for certain is that exercise, sleep and nutrition are important - for both our minds and bodies. These things are pivotal to being healthy and feeling happy. Why does it take so much for us to get up and get active, eat well and correct our sleep?

With personal training, sleep therapy and nutritional advice being available online, this certainly makes it more and more difficult to find excuses.

Our body and mind are connected and interrelated. What affects one, affects the other. This means that our actions determine our thoughts and feelings, and our thoughts and feelings determine our actions. This also means that we can use our body as a tool to counsel our thoughts and feelings. By performing specific bodily movements, we can trigger certain hormones and chemicals to restore harmony and balance- both psychologically and physiologically. We can use simple techniques of the body to restore happiness and freedom and remain balanced.

We all strive for inner peace and happiness; to feel whole; to feel HAPPINESS. For us to feel happy and content, our feelings and emotions need to be in balance and in harmony and unless our body is also being cared for, this will not be the case.


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