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Connectable Life Why choose online counselling and therapy

Why Online Counselling and Online Therapy with Connectable Life?

As you may already know, Connectable Life is therapy at the touch of a button. It really is so simple. Choose the therapy (category) you are looking for, watch a short video of the therapists and choose the one you think will be the best fit for you; or ask us to help match you with a therapist. Select a date and time for your consultation, pay using your bank card and have your consultation with your therapist on the platform via a built-in webcam facility.

What therapies are available?

Our aim is Holistic Wellness Therapies that line up with conventional medicine. Within the Connectable Life platform, there are 3 categories: Mind, Body and Wellness. Within those 3 categories, you will find these subcategories.

What makes Connectable Life Special?

We strongly believe in the link between mind and body as well as wellness over illness. We see too often that people only nurture one aspect of themselves and wonder why the situation has not changed.
Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle means to live your life to the fullest. It means taking responsibility for the way you live your life. It means taking healthy action towards achieving your goals, and in doing so, achieving that innermost goal we all retain, HAPPINESS and PEACE. This means that we need to work on, nurture and balance all the aspects of our heart, mind and body that make us human.
This also means, that for us to be considered healthy, all these aspects need to be aligned. Healthy does not simply mean the absence of disease. Healthy means health, happiness and peace.

Our goals and hopes

Our goal is that we can make healthcare a norm for everyone and accessible to anyone. Our hope is to highlight the value of wellness over illness and that there is strength in reaching out for help, even when we don’t think we need it.
We want to help normalize therapy of all forms.

Why join Connectable Life’s family?

For our Clients:

 -It is SO user-friendly.

We have done everything to make the platform quick and easy to navigate and use. But even still, should you need help with anything- we are MORE than willing to assist. We are just a message away!

-Safe, secure and private video room.

Our website is SSL secure- you will see the link for this at the bottom of the site’s page, but it is also below for your interest:


The primary reason why SSL is used is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can access it. … When an SSL certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to.

Also, in order to access the video portal- you have to have a profile with secure logins. These logins are also encrypted. You are only able to enter the video portal once someone has booked a consult- and you can only begin the call once you and that client are online. Both accounts would have required secure logins at this stage. And nothing is recorded, obviously.

-No stigmas attached!

One of the major reasons people do not receive the help they need and deserve is because of the sad, but real, stigma that remains attached to therapy in all its forms. People are afraid of what people may say or think. People are sometimes even too scared to admit to themselves that they need help in fear of appearing ‘weak’. There is SO MUCH strength in reaching out for help. But, in being able to do so in a safe, secure place- like your home- definitely makes the process easier. No judgement; no fear.

-Wider choice of specialists.

There is no need to feel or be bound by geographical location. You may live in an area that doesn’t offer any therapists at all; or maybe an area that just doesn’t have a therapist that suits YOU.

-Wider choice of therapies.

There is no point in nurturing your mind and not your body and vice versa. We understand the strong link between the mind and the body and the importance in finding balance in both of these areas in order to create true wellness for yourself. Hence, we are making therapies in all these areas accessible and available for anyone, anywhere. You can reach out to a multitude of specialists as and when you need them.

-Specialists are vetted against their qualifications.

Counselling (whether online, telephonic, or face-to-face) must be provided by someone qualified and trained. This is especially important because the wrong kind of help or advice could leave you worse off! All counsellors on Connectable Life must provide proof of their qualifications obtained and certificates required. You, as the client, can see their qualifications under their resume of their profile so that you know exactly who you are booking with as well as their level of competency. When required, you may be directed to a specialist in the appropriate field.

-Seamless card payments.  

It is as easy as buying that shirt you loved so much online. And guess what? You can even save your card details for your next visit, no need to enter your card number again. These details are stored securely through our 3rd party payment gateway, BlueSnap.        

-Pay as-and-when you need sessions.

No need to buy a bundle or hours of sessions. Pay as and when you need to see someone.

 -YOU choose a specialist best for YOU.

We understand that therapy of any kind is a personal journey and that you need to ‘click’ with your counsellor or therapist for the experience to work. This is why we ask our specialists to upload their photo, a bio about themselves as well as a short video clip. We feel that this will allow the client to browse through and find someone that is best suited to them and what they need. This should, in essence, already make the process more successful as they have made an informed decision and have a sense of who it is they are going to be journeying with. You will have a feel for their personality, approach, and style.

 In saying this, we also have a questionnaire you can complete if you are feeling overwhelmed by choice and decision. The link is below:

Connectable Life – Questionnaire

-Choice of a specialist within your budget.

One of the great things that broadening your specialist choice comes with is that it allows you to find someone within your budget. We even have a feature whereby you can select a price range and only see specialists within that range. Not to mention the fact that seeing someone online automatically saves you in travel and time.

-No joining or monthly fees.

Yip, you read that correctly. There are no joining and/or monthly fees to use the platform.

-Therapy wherever you are!

What? How cool is that?!

-Help at the ready.

We are HERE and we are READY.

For our Specialists:

 -Broaden your reach.

Feeling like you have hit a ceiling? Expand your search, reach and opportunities with clients from all over the country, or even globe!

-Fill up those blank spots in your diaries!

No one likes a dead spot. There is no need to make Connectable Life your full-time gig. Continue seeing your clients while filling up blank spaces in those diaries with Connectable Life clients.

-Bookings are handled for you.

Bookings are automatically made and time slots blanked out. You will receive an email notification once a booking has been made.

-Option to sync your Google Calendar.

You have the option to have your calendar managed for you. Should you continue to take bookings in your personal practice and you put these into your google Calendar- it will automatically blank out that availability in your Connectable Life calendar to avoid double bookings. Booking cancelled? Delete it from your Google Calendar and the spot opens again on Connectable Life. Voila!

-Invoicing done for you.

Once the session has been confirmed by the client, an invoice will automatically be sent to the client on your behalf. You will also be sent an invoice from Connectable Life for commission charged.

-Payments handled for you.

Once the session has been confirmed by the client, the monies will automatically be split and paid into your account. No money management? Amazing!

-No need to setup a meeting room.

With Connectable Life’s built-in webcam, there is nothing left for you to do. Once a booking is made, all you have to do is log in at the time of said appointment. No invites or links necessary.

-Reminders sent to you and client.

A reminder will be sent to both you and the client two hours prior to your appointment.

-General ease-of-admin=more time for you.

No one loves admin, and we all know how much time it takes away from the ‘real stuff’. With so much of the day-to-day nonsense being done for you, you will have so much more time to do what counts, and a whole lot less stress.

-Marketing and exposure.

Connectable Life does various marketing for both the platform and our specialists on an individual level. Marketing includes email, paid advertising, SEOs and social media marketing. We run regular webinars and competitions too as well as monthly marketing campaigns that vary month-to-month.

-No joining or monthly fees.

-Bring your current cliental aboard and we will facilitate all your admin.

With all these benefits, it would be a no-brainer to bring your current online clients across to the Connectable Life family too.

-We want to work WITH you.

We want this platform to work for everyone involved. We want your feedback, comments, and advice. If it’s not working for you, it’s not working for us. We also LOVE getting to know you and would love more than anything to work on some great collabs.

Reaching out and connecting has never been easier. Guidance has never been more convenient.

Whether you a client or a specialist, Connectable Life is for you

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