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Why respect is so important- Connectable Life

Why is Respect so Important?

Respect Breeds Goodness and that is why Respect is so Important.



  1. a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. “the director had a lot of respect for Douglas as an actor”
  2. due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others. “young people’s lack of respect for their parents”


A short word that packs a whole lot of punch. Respect. We have all heard it, we all love to demand it, but do we USE it? In my opinion, it is respect that breeds love, kindness, empathy and equality. If we all showed ourselves and each other respect in everything we think, say and do- what a wonderful world we would live in!

Respect is important!

In my days of teaching, the most common difficulty in the classroom was that of discipline. If you are a parent, you will know it isn’t always easy disciplining one child. Now put 30+ children with different personalities, backgrounds, learning styles and interests into one room and try and hold their attention on a topic that may not interest them. So in order to create an optimal learning environment that allows for effective teaching and learning- one needs discipline. Any training or book will tell you that the number one way to achieve this is by setting boundaries and rules. Naturally, a set of rules will consist of a lot of ‘nos and don’ts’. No eating or drinking in class. Do not cheat. No talking. Do not copy. Definitely do not disrespect.

Respect doesn’t need rules.

Instead of having a typical set of rules, I opted for one rule- and one that didn’t consist of the word ‘don’t’. My classroom rule was ‘RESPECT’. At the beginning of each year and term, I would explain that my classroom is a space of mutual respect. I respect my learners, and they respect me. The reason for this is that I believe that if true respect exists and is used, there isn’t a need for ‘rules’, because we naturally wouldn’t do the things that are deemed wrongful or hurtful.

I would ask my learners to do their work, participate and listen- not because they would get punished if they didn’t, but because they respected me as their teacher. More so than this, I asked them to practice self-respect and asked them to do what was expected of them because they WANTED to do the best they could, they WANTED to secure a good future and they WANTED to make themselves proud.

What is the meaning and why is Respect so important?

You may be wondering where I am going with all of this… At Connectable Life, we honestly believe in WELLNESS over ILLNESS. We believe that we all have an innate desire to achieve inner peace and happiness but that we don’t always behave in ways that will result in this. To preserve our well-being and to be truly well, we need to make daily decisions that will positively impact our mind, body and wellness. We need to actively choose to live a healthy and balanced life. Wellness is not simply being free from disease and ‘healthy’, it is accepting that we all need growth and to take part in our own evolution by making healthy choices and responsible decisions.

So, back to respect… in my opinion, if we make the root of our thoughts, choices and actions that of respect- I believe it will result in one that benefits you, your well-being

and those around you. If you truly respect yourself, and love yourself, you will naturally make decisions that will enhance your well-being rather than damage you. If you approach interactions with those around you with respect, and see everyone through a lens of respect, you will create a relationship based on love, empathy and kindness.

We don’t want to hurt or disappoint people we love and respect, and this should be the same with our relationship with ourselves. We should love ourselves and respect ourselves enough to make the right choices. If we can do this, and it becomes our new norm, there shouldn’t be a need for a set of ‘rules’. For example, if feeding your body goodness becomes a norm for you, there will longer be a need for a diet.

Respect and our differences.

Respect is especially important when it comes to differences. Why is it such a natural reaction for so many people to criticise something or someone that is different? Different is great! Different should be celebrated, not disrespected nor condemned. In fact, different has become so taboo that people spend most of their life trying to ‘fit in’, all the while disrespecting who they really are and falling horribly short on the happiness and well-being scale. If we respected everyone around us, the same way we should be respecting ourselves, the world would have a whole lot less conflict, misunderstandings, and hatred.

Imagine a world where we felt a deep admiration for ourselves and our abilities, qualities and achievements. I can promise you, that person is going to make the right choices, act correctly, love abundantly and live happily.

Imagine a world where we all showed high regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others. Sounds like a beautiful place to me!

See? Small word. BIG PUNCH. The best part? Respect is probably the easiest thing you can do to turn your life around. Decide you are going to respect yourself. Decide you are going to respect others: different or not. Follow through by listening to people, affirming their feelings, being polite, being kind and always being thankful. And, DONE: you will think healthy thoughts, make wise choices and act kindly.

In the end!

Knowing why respect is important changes everything. Understanding that respect breeds goodness not only changes me, but it changes you. It changes our society and enriches us all.

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  • August 10, 2020 at 7:31 am

    Respect is everything!

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