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Managing stress - Motivational Monday's with Margaret Hirsch and Connectable Life

Managing stress – Motivational Monday’s with Margaret Hirsch and Connectable Life

What is stress and what does it do to us? Is it fear personified? Is it just another emotion that has taken over? What we do know is that stress is inevitable. We can’t avoid it. So, how do we make it work for us? How do we stop it from being an overriding, all-consuming...Read More
Navigating Emotions - Motivational Monday Connectable Life

Navigating Emotions – Motivational Monday

Learning to navigate your emotions is possibly the most powerful skill you can acquire. Deciding to act appropriately is key to your success in relationships, work and life. Being able to have strong emotions and yet choose a wise response is vital to your life and those around you. Do you need guidance in how...Read More
Burnout - Motivational Monday Video Connectable Life

Burnout – Motivational Monday with Margaret Hirsch

Are you feeling burnt out? Do you even know what burnout is and what the symptoms are? Burnout is debilitating and more serious than you may think. There is no one better to discuss burnout with than Lee. Don’t let burnout become your reality and diminish your light. Book with Lee an Executive Life Coach...Read More
What does 'Personal Development' mean to you?

What does ‘Personal Development’ mean to you?

Personal Development is a journey we should all endeavour to be on. We should want to better ourselves and serve our goals and desires, given that they are in our best interest. Join us as we discuss what ‘Personal Development’ is, what it should mean to us and how nurturing it can benefit us and...Read More

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