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Tired of being tired? Sleep training advice. How to get my child to sleep.

Tired of being tired?

-by Jacqui Flint

Sleep and the lack thereof is often a hot topic of conversation. Here are some sleep training advice that you’d want to take.


I am exhausted, I want to sleep but my baby won't let me. Connectable Life

Tired of being tired.

Sound familiar?

  • “My baby can’t fall asleep unless I hold her. It was fine when she was only 4 months old but now she is 15 months she weighs a ton and my back is killing me.”
  • “My baby wakes up throughout the night and I have to give him a bottle. He only takes a few sips and then falls back to sleep… what is that??”
  • “It can take us up to an hour to get our baby to sleep and then we spend the rest of the evening in total silence. We even wear headphones while watching TV”
  • “I thought my baby wasn’t tired enough and that’s why he wasn’t sleeping, so I put him to bed at 10pm and he still woke up multiple times and then was ready to start his day at 4am!”

Did you Know?

  • From 4 months of age, a baby can sleep 10 – 12 hours continuously IF they are healthy, on an age appropriate daily routine and there are no bad habits.
  • If you constantly put your baby down asleep, look at where your baby fell asleep as that is the unhealthy sleep association and when your baby wakes up he’ll get a fright as that is not where he fell asleep.
  • Sleep induces the sleep, the better your baby sleeps during the day according to his age, the better he’ll sleep at night.
  • It’s common for a baby to wake up in light sleep cycles, however they need to know how to self sooth and put themselves back to sleep by themselves.

What should you do?

  • Put your baby down awake so that he is aware of where he is going to sleep.
  • Babies take comfort in the knowledge and feel secure when they can hear you, so always make normal household noises so your baby knows you are around.
  • Keep bathing your baby for the end of the day as it indicates you are wrapping up the day.
  • Wrap up the day with a milk feed but not as a means to get your baby to sleep.
  • A baby needs some quiet time before bedtime in order to mentally and physically wind down, so 5-10 minutes before bedtime start removing your baby from all stimulation.

Can you relate to what I have said?

If you can it’s okay.  Not for one minute do I want you to feel like a bad parent.  So many of my clients say ‘I have failed as a parent’.  NONSENSE! It isn’t true at all and it is fixable!

A consultation

In a consultation, I’ll first get an understanding from you of what is happening regarding your child’s daily routine and what is happening at night time, and based on this information I’ll be able to identify where the challenging areas lie.  From there I’ll discuss in detail, how to address these challenges, how to implement sleep training (there are various approaches), how to implement an age appropriate feeding schedule and I’ll help you draw up an age appropriate routine.  I’ll also be available for after-consultation support so you don’t have to walk this journey alone.

Parenting isn’t all about sleepless nights and screaming infants – there is so much more.

A well rested infant = well rested parents = a happy family!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sleep training advice. How to get my child to sleep.

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