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Online Teen Course April with Connectable Life

Teen Development Course – ‘Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Grow Yourself.’

Teen Development Course to learn about yourself and gain the tools you need for happiness and success.

Start Date: April 2022 @ 6pm CAT time. Specific date to be confirmed.

Are you a Teen? Join us Online as we learn how to:

‘Know Yourself.

Love Yourself.

Grow Yourself.’

Online Teen Course April with Connectable Life

What we know:

The teen years are HARD.

They are a time of rapid physical development and deep emotional changes. But they can be made easier through open communication, awareness of self and coping strategies.

Teens are really struggling with self-esteem and social pressures.

It can be a confusing and uncomfortable stage of life and may involve a lot of risk-taking behaviour.

The most difficult part of being a teenager is trying to understand your feelings and who you are as a person. Add the pressures of school, peers, social media and ‘the future’ and it is incredibly overwhelming.

We also know that 50 percent of mental illness begins by age 14, and three-quarters begins by age 24.

We want to ease this!!!

Each session: 45 mins- 60 mins. Once weekly for 9 weeks.

A child needs to have their fundamental needs met to thrive in a learning environment.

    • Safety and survival.
    • Understanding (to understand and be understood) and growth.
    • Connection (love) and acceptance.
    • Contribution (serve/ add value) and creation.
    • Esteem, Identity, Significance.
    • Self-direction (Autonomy- direct own life), Freedom, and Justice.
    • Self-fulfilment and self-transcendence (reach full potential).

Speakers and Topics

Kirsten Hunneyball – Professional Recovery Specialist Coach

Session One:

Understanding your brain.

–              Negative Bias

–              Thoughts-emotions-behaviours and why you stay stuck in bad habits

–              Awareness of harmful vs. helpful thoughts, and what to do about them

–              Three C’s: Community, Connection, Creativity

Session Two:

Who Am I?

–              What’s important to me? Values and integrity.

–              Focusing on the internal rather than the external

–              IKIGAI exercise

Session Three:

Perfectionism vs. Grace

–              Relationship to food, body and coping mechanisms.

–              “PAUSE” Pick a Useful and Safe Expression

–              Tips on making healthier choices for yourself.


Candice King – Life Coach & EQ Practitioner

Session One:


Emotional Brain

How to become aware of your emotions

How to navigate your emotions

How being aware of emotions impacts you as a teen:

  1. Relationships
  2. Health
  • Self-efficacy
  1. Personal achievement
  2. Satisfaction

Session Two:


What are they

How do I know my boundaries have been crossed?

How do I set healthy boundaries?

How do I have a boundary conversation

Session Three:


How my friendships make me feel

Social struggle do I fit in or belong?

Does my behaviour change to fit in?

How do I have difficult conversations?

Frenemies and how do I stand up for me


Julie Allen-Rowland – Functional Medicine Practitioner & other specialities

Session One:

A balanced and strong body

Diet, sleep, movement, and supplement related. So overall physical health. Creating a balanced body so to speak.

Session Two:

Feeling positive, feeling motivated!

In collaboration, so this would be related to hormones and mood management.

Session Three

Skin that glows!

Acne and skin health.

You will receive a free recap E-Book at the end of the course.

Book for your teen here: https://forms.gle/NGJMP5uBs5AqPisy5 

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