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Employee Wellness

Is Employee Wellness relevant?

Research shows that Employee Wellness Programmes help create a win-win situation which has a positive impact on both employees and employers. Did you know that 51% of employees are less productive due to stress? We love to help! Ask us anything? Book with Paula on Connectable Life: https://www.connectablelife.com/profile/paula-quinsee Book a consultation with a Connectable Life...Read More
Connectable Blog Pic- The Benefits of Employee wellness

Do you know the benefits of an employee wellness program?

What are all the benefits? -by Sharon Yardley Employee health and wellness refers to the effort a business or organization makes to keep the employees in their workplace well. This means doing what they can to support positive and healthy behaviour and decisions to safeguard both their mental and physical health. The happier and healthier...Read More

Urgent Help

If you are in a life-threatening situation, please do not use this site. Crisis helplines are listed in our website for all countries, please click on the button to find yours.
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