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How much does an online dietitian cost? Connectable Life

How much does an online dietitian cost?

As the world has evolved into a new technical era and digital space, the online medical world has become a new normal for many people. You might not have booked an online appointment with a medical professional yet, but you probably know others who have. What once was an off-limits practice (seeing medical practitioners online) has now become a reality for many. The online world is growing, and the medical industry has moved into it with great leaps and strides. Much like face-to-face consultations, the cost of an online dietitian varies from specialist to specialist. How much does an online dietitian cost? Connectable Life’s dietitians and nutritionists range from $34 (+-R500) to $55 (+-R800).

The beauty is that you can select a price bracket and choose a specialist within your price range and affordability.


Why is an online dietitian more affordable?

 Online therapy can be generally cheaper than in-person therapy due to a wider range of specialist choice (and therefore wider range of cost choice) as well as the money saved on travel expenses, time off work and not to mention the TIME saved. Since it’s all done online, flexibility, accessibility and ease are added benefits. Seeing a dietitian (Connectable blog link) has never been easier, or more affordable. Online therapy is an affordable option for those living in remote areas and expensive cities.

The price of seeing a dietitian will vary depending on many factors. If dietitians work for a company or within a regulated healthcare system, they might have pre-set rates. Different rates will often vary depending on the country, state, qualifications, experience and nutritional plans and outcomes. The absolute plus side to ‘Online’, is many of the external factors, such as office space rentals, are removed from the financial equation. On Connectable Life, practitioners set their own rates- which should allow for consultations to be more affordable, working from the comfort of their own homes.


The move to online

The wonderful aspect of online health is that you don’t just have a choice of the dietitians in your area, but a choice of thousands of different professionals. You can find a dietitian who fits the criteria you need and at a cost you can afford. That is the added benefit of Connectable Life: it is not only a directory, but all the dietitians (and other specialists) credentials are available for you to view. On Connectable Life, you can see the cost of a consultation, follow-up consultation, the specialist’s qualifications and a short bio and video of who they are.


Do you need a referral to see a dietitian?

The simple answer is ‘no’. You do not need a referral from your doctor to see a dietitian. You can easily book to see one on your own. This is not to say that your doctor won’t refer you to see a dietitian, if you are in need of one. Each medical practitioner specialises and is familiar in their own field, therefore seeing a dietitian is beneficial if you need advice and help on weight, food, and dietary disease advice. Many diseases are caused by our diets and our genetic predisposition. A dietitian will test, guide and advise you on the best food-related outcomes. This is their field of expertise.


Are online dietitian costs covered by Medical Insurance?

Seeing a dietitian and getting nutrition related counselling is widely covered by many insurance plans but it all depends on the medical company and plan. Dietitians who are registered on different insurance bodies, state this in their profile. It is therefore your responsibility to contact your medical provider and find out if the scheme you are on covers seeing a dietitian. This is often the added benefit of having a doctor refer you. Many medical schemes insist on a doctor’s referral before covering the cost of the dietitian’s consultation. An alternative is if you have medical funds available within your scheme; you can then use these to see a dietitian.

It is safe to say that seeing an online dietitian [1] has many benefits, one of them being the cost. You are not limited to only seeing dietitians in your area, which may be out of your budget. Now you can find one online that is more affordable and, yet, suitable to your needs.

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