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Connectable Life - Online Counsellor, Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer

Online Counsellor, Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer

Online Mind, Body, Wellness.

Connectable Life is an online platform that connects Mind, Body and Wellness specialists with clients. It is through this platform that clients find a specialist, book, pay and have their video consult via a built-in webcam. And all this from the comfort and safety of their home. [1] Helping you find an online counsellor, coach, nutritionist and personal trainer.

At the end of August 2019, before we knew what the world would become with Corona, we were discussing the difficulties people must sometimes go through to get help (for many reasons) and the desperation this causes. We are from a small town and understand this first-hand due to limited resources and professionals. [2]

This led to the thought process of making healthcare more accessible. Online Counsellor, Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer.

If you have been following us for a while and reading our blogs and posts- you would have cottoned on to the fact that we strongly believe in the link between mind and body. We are not made up of flesh alone- we have a heart, a mind, and a soul to go with that. We are complex beings, so this should always be considered when we are trying to heal or simply to better ourselves.

Whether we have faced a life trauma, are struggling with everyday problems or would just like to improve on ourselves and our lives. We should be considering all parts of ourselves in the process. It is almost pointless nurturing one and not the other. Yes, there will be times where different aspects of ourselves will need more attention. Consequently, our priorities will change and shift- but this should never be to the neglect of the others.

This is why we decided that therapies to cater for all parts of the human make-up should be made accessible. There is something for each part of ourselves, wherever you may be on your journey. This is our attempt in making healthcare in all its forms accessible and easy to use. It is a one-stop shop for all things Mind, Body and Wellness- without even having to leave your home.

Looking at the different therapies Connectable Life has on offer…


Under the MIND category, we have Online Counsellors and Therapists and Online Psychologists and Online Social Workers. These experienced specialists can help in the following areas: Trauma Counselling, Grief Counselling, Family Counselling, Couples Counselling, Career Counselling, Pastoral Counselling, Postpartum Counselling, Teen Counselling, Suicide Counselling, Children Counselling, Behavioural Therapy, Social Media Counselling, Law Enforcement Counselling, Substance Abuse Counselling and Sexual Abuse Counselling. [1]


Under the BODY category, we have Online Functional Doctors, Online Nutritionists, Online Dieticians, Online Personal Trainers, Online Image Consultants, Online Meal Planners, Online Skin Care Consultants, Online Lactation Specialists and Online Speech Therapists. [2]


Under the WELLNESS category, we have Online Anger Management Skill Coaches, Online Conflict Resolution Skill Coaches, Online Life Coaches, Online Wellness Coaches, Online Play Therapists, Online Maternity Coaches, Online Sleep Therapists, Online Business Coaches, Online Employee Wellness Coaches, Online Sex Therapists and Online Doulas. [3]

Looking at the difference

What is the difference between a counsellor and a psychologist? The main difference comes down to their length of study and training and who they are registered with. This will determine whether you can claim from medical aid and who is better equipped to deal with your issue at hand. The link below illustrates the difference perfectly and may help you make a better decision when it comes to booking.

Not sure whether to see a counsellor or a coach? The main difference here is that a counsellor focuses more on the past and dealing with hurt and pain as a result of these circumstances; whereas, a coach focuses more on the present and the future, helping to coach you to where you want to be. The link below offers invaluable advice that adds to this point.

Still not sure which road to take or who to book with? Please be in touch: we will be more than happy to help steer you in the right direction.

We would love to contribute, in our small way, towards a kinder and happier world. Our goal is that we can make healthcare a norm for everyone and accessible to anyone. Our hope is to highlight the value of wellness over illness. Remembering that there is strength in reaching out for help, even when we don’t think we need it.

Connectable Life – Your Mind, Body and Wellness Platform

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