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Mental Health and Happiness is EVERYTHING. Your mind needs to be healthy; it is LIFE! Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health.

Veganism, a plant-based diet and exercise, and how they go together.

Veganism, a plant based diet and exercise, and how they go together.

Veganism, a plant-based diet, is not just a growing trend but rather a lifestyle which has proven to have many benefits. Join us as we discuss these benefits and how it can enhance exercise. We love to help! Ask us anything? Book with Damien on Connectable Life: https://www.connectablelife.com/profile/damien-fairley Book a consultation with a Connectable Life...Read More
Setting boundaries - Motivational Monday - Connectable Life

Setting Boundaries: do others know where they stand with you?

  Boundaries can be different for every person, but what is important for your health is setting healthy boundaries within your life. Having clear boundaries will make your life smoother and happier. Here we discuss the importance of boundaries and what we can do to make setting boundaries easier. Boundaries are not only good for...Read More
Let's explore the depths of our dreams. Motivational Monday - Connectable Life

Let’s explore the depths of our dreams.

What is in our dreams? What is the meaning of our dreams? Have you ever stopped and considered what your nighttime adventures mean to you? Do they reveal the inner thoughts and depths of our mind? Are dreams connected to our psychology? Let’s explore the meaning of our dreams. Let’s explore the depths of our...Read More

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