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Make Mental Health your biggest priority.


Making your Mental Health a priority

We hear statements like this often, but do we let it go in one ear and out the other? Do we do something about it? We hear, too often than not, that it is only when people have breakdowns or burnouts that they make the shift and decide to make themselves a priority and get some much-needed help. But we could all use some guidance and mental health awareness.

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How word of mouth influences us

For each of us, it is different: different lives equal different strategies and different therapies. There isn’t a one size fits all approach and certainly not a one-person fixes every problem approach. We all know the famous ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategy and wow – it certainly is an incredible tool and amazing phenomenon. You see Christiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney wearing Nike shoes – well they are now on your Christmas list. I see influencers all the time on my socials and I think, “I want that too.” Gosh, I think kids must be the best market of all, my boys are constantly telling me they watched some gamer wearing something, and now they would like it too.

A prime example is the Fyre Festival in the Bahamas, a Netflix Documentary and international scandal. A group of influencers were commissioned and paid to advertise a music festival which went viral and thousands of tickets were sold but nothing promised materialized. It was a giant fail and yet an initial success purely because of the power of influence. Is the same true about therapy?

Therapy works

So, have you heard from a friend that therapy works? As a result of all of us being different, some people talk about matters close to their heart and others don’t. So maybe those around you speak about the power of therapy, but maybe they don’t. Whatever the chatter is, the world has changed; people have changed with it and research shows that therapy works. Best of all there is a therapy for everything and a therapist for everyone. The key is knowing which works for you.

Getting help of any form, be it: mental health, or wellness, is a personal journey and an important journey on which to embark. Sometimes our mental health is in dire straits and needs intensive psychology, psychiatry, behavioural therapy, and psychotherapy. Other times we have picked up bad mental habits, incorrect mindsets and toxic thinking patterns and need to be counselled, guided, and coached through life’s challenges and hurdles. We all experience life circumstances, whether it’s trauma, offense and anger issues, abuse, relationship deterioration and many more, they all have a therapy, a process and end solutions.

The key is which Mental Health strategy will work for you

The key is finding the right one for you, the right mental health direction and mental health counsellor or coach. The stigma that has hung over mental health is changing and lifting daily, especially now, during these Covid-19 times; all of us are affected and all of us are having to navigate these stressful, unknown waters. Now more than ever, mental health is making a name for itself and that name is “We are here to help.” “We are here to stay.” Your Mental Health Awareness is not just a good idea, it is a life-changing priority. So then, make that leap, ask around, do some research. Make mental health your priority. Become your best self, happy, at peace, living your God-given purpose.

Connectable Life is here to help you find the therapy that will work for you and the suitable professional that you can journey with. Making Your Mental Health Your Biggest Priority.

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Stacey Spilsbury

My passion is people and healing! Life wasn't all sunshine and roses growing up, but I turned out just fine! I turned out happy- even though it was a struggle at times. As a child, I was diagnosed with a number of learning disabilities, which meant many hours of therapy. Of which I will always be grateful for. I went on to study marketing and during this time turned from witchcraft and things people don't often discuss to a born-again Christian- praise God. Through this life change, I lost 25kg! I then grew some wings and explored the world. I married the man of my youth and now, we share in the joy of raising our crazy brood of 4 little boys on a farm in rural South Africa. It's wild! And of which we live in the wild! But thankfully among all of this, my darling friend Jess, and I co-founded and co-own Connectable Life- an online Mind, Body and Wellness platform. Our goal and aim is to make healthcare convenient, easily accessible and affordable.


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