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Connectable Life - Is Online Personal Training Effective?

Is Online Personal Training Effective?

Mind over Body or Body over Mind?

If you have been following us for a while and reading our blogs and posts- you would have cottoned on to the fact that we strongly believe in the link between mind and body. We are not made up of flesh alone- we have a heart, a mind, and a soul to go with that. We are complex beings, so this should always be considered when we are trying to heal or simply to better ourselves.

Whether we have faced a life trauma, are struggling with everyday problems or would just like to improve on ourselves and our lives- we should be considering all parts of ourselves in the process. It is almost pointless nurturing one and not the other. Yes, there will be times where different aspects of ourselves will need more attention and our priorities will change and shift- but this should never be to the neglect of the others.

This is why we decided that therapies to cater for all parts of the human make-up should be made accessible. Hence: Mind, Body and Wellness. There is something for each part of ourselves, wherever you may be on your journey.

We fully understand why people may feel that certain therapies, or any therapy at all, would not be as effective online as it is in the real world. One thing we can thank Covid for is that it has truly shown the world that ALL things are possible online, and not only possible- they are just as effective. In fact, in certain scenarios, online has proven to be more beneficial. We will probably find that a lot of the world will remain online post Covid and we will truly be living the ‘new normal’.

Is Online Personal Training Effective?

But what about personal training? Is online personal training effective? What are the benefits of online personal training?

Let us have a look at what effective personal training should incorporate according to the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Your personal trainer will be able to EDUCATE you. They will know what exercises are relevant to the goals you want to achieve. They will also be able to show you the correct form so that you do not injure yourself and so that the exercises are done effectively. If you are not making informed and educated decisions, you might be wasting your time.

A personal trainer will be able to DESIGN A REGIME that is unique to your requirements. You may have phobias, injuries or weaknesses that need extra or special attention.

A personal trainer will help you to set REALISTIC GOALS. One of the major reasons why people do not achieve their goals is because they expect too much, too soon. They are unrealistic with themselves and their abilities. They will also be able to keep you on track to achieve these goals by motivating you, journeying with you and holding you accountable. You may also have a specific goal, such as an upcoming event, and they will be able to alter your regime to fit this goal.

Online Personal Training is beneficial.

ACCOUNTABILITY is huge. It is easy to let ourselves down (or at least we think it is), but we find it difficult to let others down. If you have a set appointment with your trainer- you are far more likely to show up than if it is a date with yourself. They will make sure you commit and stick to your goals.

With a personal trainer, there will be NO WASTED TIME and therefore you will achieve maximum results. You might go to the gym and procrastinate between machines for 10 minutes whereas 1 hour with a personal trainer will equate to 1 hour of physical activity.

A personal trainer also must do a module of NUTRITION so they will be able to advise you in this department too. Obviously, food fuels our bodies, so it is important that we are giving it the correct energy- otherwise our input may not be correct for our output, making the whole experience a waste of time.

A personal trainer can sometimes be an UNOFFICIAL THERAPIST as you discuss where you are at in your life, how your week has been and any physical/mental challenges you are facing. This can obviously improve your mental health too.

So effective personal training requires education, a personalized regime, realistic goals, accountability, maximized time, nutritional advice and talking things through. The rest is up to YOU. None of these things require on-site facilities and therefore there is no reason why effective online personal training cannot exist.

What are the benefits to online personal training?

Not only can online personal training be effective, but there are also specific benefits to it.

Online personal training will be easier to fit into your schedule and will also take less time out of your schedule. They will be able to offer more hours than a facility that has opening and closing hours. There is also no travel time wasted.

With your training being online, there is also an increased flexibility for location- be it your home, workplace or even on your business trip. You will not be limited to working out where equipment is available.

Online personal training can also be more affordable as you won’t have a gym membership as well as personal training fees to pay. Travel and parking costs are also avoided.

The benefits are actually endless.

Having an online personal trainer also means that you will be a bit more spoilt for choice and can find someone that you work well with and feel comfortable with. This may not always be someone that lives nearby. You may find someone that is better suited to you and your goals/needs that lives in another city, country or even continent! Having different time zones may also help with availability as mornings and evenings will differ. You may even live in a town that does not have a fitness centre or any personal trainers.

One of the major benefits of online personal training, in our opinion, is that it caters for those who may not be confident or comfortable enough with going to a gym. There is a large portion of the world’s population that suffers from anxiety, social anxiety, and depression. These people may not feel comfortable walking into a gym, let alone exercising in public. Online personal training can give everyone the opportunity to reach their fitness goals, live a better lifestyle and generally be happier.

One thing is for certain.

One thing we know for certain is that exercise is important- for both our minds and bodies. It is something that is pivotal to being healthy and feeling happy. Why does it take so much for us to get up and get active? With personal training being available online, this certainly makes it more and more difficult to find excuses.

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