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Connectable Life - How to change your life through one easy step

How to change your life through one easy step.

The world has changed, and suddenly what seemed like a new year and the turn of a new decade turned into a bad movie. Social distancing seems to have become the buzz word but without the happy, vibey connotations. The good thing, though, is that online therapies were already in the mix, they were already available, but not utilized as they should be. But now there is a need for them like never before. But with or without social distancing, online therapy is here to stay and we are super excited about it.

Why do we wait?

There is often a misconception surrounding therapy. The misconception is that only the worst cases need therapy: only when something tragic, ultra-serious happens or we go into crisis mode do we speak to a therapist. Only when we have gone through a death or a divorce should we seek help. Only when we are at our wits end or we are on the precipice of a breakdown do we reach out. When sustainable, real help comes when we seek help before we reach a breaking point. Let us prevent rather than cure what is now a major, debilitating condition.

We know the snowball effect; it is the same with our thoughts, mindsets, patterns, and emotions. Why do we allow things to get out of control? People often comment that they don’t know how this bad situation got so bad, how did it escalate? What happened? What happened is that the paint started chipping on the wall and you didn’t fix it when it was a tiny, hairline crack. The crack grew and grew and now the damage is massive. Now to fix the problem is a lot harder than before. The good thing is that it is never too late. No matter where you start your therapy and road to recovery, the key is to start. No matter how big the crack has gotten, through therapy you can untangle the complexities and years of turmoil.

Studies show that those who seek out mental health advice and talk therapy before it is negatively detrimental will thrive easier and faster than those who don’t. It is incredibly empowering talking to a therapist, knowing someone has your back. Being able to share your life experiences with them and knowing it is completely confidential. They see your life from a different angle and can advise you without biased, skewed, overcrowded emotions. The best part is, unlike someone close to you, they are going to tell you the truth or at least point you to the truth, no matter how much the truth hurts, and then walk you through the journey.

The One Easy Step


We all know that the greatest key to change is knowing you need to change and then knowing you need therapy and seeking out counsel. Only when we acknowledge what we would like to change, is it possible to go about creating that change and the work it takes to get there. It’s amazing how we pick up bad habits and toxic mindsets without much help yet removing them and getting onto a positive road is sometimes a lot more work than we anticipated.

The benefits of online therapy

Anywhere, anytime and without the other complications and negatives that come with seeing a counsellor. Convenience is King and online therapy is the King of mental health convenience.


People do not have the time to go to therapy or see a practitioner for varying reasons- online therapy and counselling will make this easier as people can receive therapy at a time and place that best suits them- before or after work, or even during a work break. There will be no time needed for travelling, finding parking, waiting rooms etc.


According to Internet World Stats, there are 4,833,521,806 internet users. We are living in a society that is built on instant gratification and convenience; the internet offers both.  The internet is everywhere! Health specialists, unfortunately, are not. People often live in areas that do not offer these services at all. Or there are simply not enough specialists to service the number of casualties. An online platform eliminates this issue, offering a remote service that is accessible to anyone, anywhere.


Practitioners set their own rates- which should be more affordable, working from the comfort of their own homes. There is also no cost in terms of travel, parking, and time off work for the client. Not only is money saved, but so is time- and we all know the cost of time these days.


Confidentiality is key! One of the major reasons people do not seek help is due to the stigma that surrounds it. We hope that by creating an online therapy platform, where people can seek help from the safety of their own home or preferred space. This will encourage people by assisting them to feel less weary, scared or judged. This is especially true in a small town where everyone knows everyone and what they are up to.

Removing the discomfort:

In today’s world, technology is sadly more a part of most people’s lives than social interaction with people.

With the introduction of handheld devices and computers, this has changed how people interact with each other- making the use of devices for social interactions easier for some. As much as this can be problematic, in the case of online therapy, it is a benefit, in that it allows people the comfort to explore themselves while breaking the awkward interaction of sitting in a therapist’s office. When a person can hide behind their screen (even if they are looking the other person in the face through a webcam) it gives them the security of not feeling vulnerable and awkward.

Have you thought about online therapy? The benefits of online therapy are massive and growing each day.

Change your life by acknowledging you would like to change it. See an online therapist to discover what needs to be changed and how you should go about creating this life of change. Whether it is a counsellor, therapist or a coach, Connectable Life has every one of them available for you.


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Stacey Spilsbury

My passion is people and healing! My purpose is to help as many people as I can, and normalize therapy of all forms. My journey hasn't always been an easy one; as a child, I was diagnosed with a number of learning disabilities, which meant many hours of therapy. Of which I will always be grateful for. I went on to study marketing and business, during this time, I went through a massive life change. Questioning every decision I had made up to that point, which led me onto a road of self-discovery, church and the bible. Losing 25kg and exploring a new way of doing life, I grew some wings and explored the world. Spending a couple of years working in the sales department for an 'off-plan property investment company', in London. Afterwhich coming back to South Africa to marry the man of my youth, where we now share in the joy of raising our crazy brood of 4 little boys on a farm in rural South Africa. After a series of life events, and seeking the counsel of a therapist in order to find my own personal healing. This journey, leading me to pick up the books again and study, Career Guidance Counselling. All of this helped propel my passion of Mental Health and Physical Wellness. It was through a conversation, in 2019, with my darling friend Jess, in which we hatched up the concept of 'Online Therapy of all forms - Mind, Body and Wellness.' At this point, it had not been done before, and therefore we couldn't walk away. This is where it started, we co-founded and now co-own Connectable Life- making mental health and wellness easy, accessible and stigma-free. Our goal is to make, 'the therapy space,' accessible to all who need it. Highlighting the power of healing for everyone, wellness over illness.

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