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Connectable Blog Pic- How much is an online personal trainer?

How much is a good online personal trainer?

Online personal training is becoming more and more popular; it is actually becoming the norm.  We have all experienced a change and a shift, because of Covid-19, and most gyms around the world have closed their doors at one point, and some remain closed. As a result of all of this, people have had to rethink their gym and exercise routines, booming the world of online personal training.

Every personal trainer became an online personal trainer, and those who, in the past, never had time to see a personal trainer or go to the gym now could. The reach has become so far and wide that pre-schoolers to 90-year-olds have started their own exercise regime. Excitingly, it has become the new norm and its popularity has grown with the shift. But, in the end, it boils down to personal preference. What do you want and what are your expectations?

How much is a good online personal trainer?

There are so many wonderful benefits to online personal training, one of them being the affordability you need. You are not only exposed to your area and their prices, you are now exposed to the world and finding a price-range in your budget is more accessible than ever before.

Prices all depend on the trainer you find and use. Prices can range from $8/R120 per session to $35/R500 per session. The key is to scout around, and find the right personal trainer and price that works for you.

Do I need to own my own equipment?

The wonderful thing about home-bound exercise is that nobody is judging you. If all you have is the bare minimums or household makeshift equipment, who cares? As long as the job is being done and you are getting the results you require. This all depends on what you want to achieve. If you have signed up for Pilates or Yoga, then all you might need is a mat and the odd piece of equipment such as a resistance band or an exercise ball. But if you are looking for gym equipment, then you’ll need more.

The best answer to this question is to ask a personal trainer, explain your goals and desired outcome and let him or her tell you what you need. Be sure to explain your budget. You can often get away with less than what is required in a gym scenario.

Is online personal training effective?

The bottom line is, yes! It’s as effective as you want it to be. Seeing a personal trainer is absolute bliss for most people: they tell you how to stand, correct your form, count your reps, think up your programme. No more planning, questioning and wondering, and especially no more giving up because you became a little tired or sweaty. The pressure is set and all you have to do is show up. No more self-motivation. Your accountability partner is actively working for the results you want.

You might think to yourself, ‘how will online be as effective as in person?’ The only true answer to this question is that you wouldn’t truly know unless you have tried it. If you work just as hard, you will sweat just as much and amazingly your personal trainer will adjust you and correct you while doing it. They have become incredibly skilled with online sessions, treating them as professionally as in-person. An online personal trainer is able to see form mistakes and angles better than you would expect.

The key to online is choosing to go personal; using a dished-out, standard programme is good but it is not personal. We are all different and therefore the best is a personal approach, not a blanket, hand-out workout. You want to be able to ask questions, get guidance and have the accountability you need. Just the other day I was talking to someone who had signed onto a routine gym workout programme app; she was paying $10/R140 per month but after 2 months she said she was paying for nothing. Yes, small amount to pay but wasted money. She needed the accountability and guidance. We have these big, lofty ideas of how we are going to train and do it ourselves. How often does that work out? Pun intended.

Your best bet is to go personal.

Why is online personal training better?

As with training in-person, you will still get a tailormade workout which is specific to your goals and the fitness results you desire. It has been said that it can be even more personal; it often moves beyond the 1 hour in a gym to a more regular online discussion.

If you are specific about your goals from the beginning, this will make all the difference in the outcome you gain. People sometimes believe the process can be less personal, trainers often work harder to make it more tailormade and personal along the way. Simply put, it is vital to be honest with your personal trainer. This is the key to success in this department. What you put in is, ultimately, what you will get out.

Make sure you ask all the questions you need, be as specific as you can. By doing this you will achieve your goals far quicker; it will also enable your personal trainer to be far more in-tune with you and your desires.

All the personal trainers on Connectable Life are vetted, checked and approved. Watch their short videos, send them a message if you need to ask more questions and book the personal trainer for you. It’s that quick and easy.


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