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Thyroid Functional Medicine Webinar Connectable Life

Functional Medicine Webinar – Thyroid Part 1

How much do you know about Functional Medicine? Simply put: Functional Medicine treats chronic disease through lifestyle-based systems solutions – not only treating the symptoms with conventional medication. The future of medicine is understanding how your body functions, how it becomes imbalanced, and how to correct that balance. Learn how to use your lifestyle and the food you eat to heal your body. Functional Medicine Practitioner, Julie Allen-Rowland, enlightens and educates us on how Functional Medicine benefits us. Book with her: https://www.connectablelife.com/onlin…

If these topics interest you, watch here. Points to be covered on the evening will include: What is functional medicine? How is functional medicine different to conventional medicine or methods? How does the thyroid work? What are the standard accepted thyroid measurements? What are the signs and symptoms of an underactive thyroid? Why is having a fully functional thyroid important? Does food influence thyroid function and what foods are best to maximise thyroid function? How much of thyroid dysfunction is genetic and how much of it is due to lifestyle and habits? Is there anything we can do to prevent thyroid dysfunction? What should we do if we suspect we have thyroid problems?

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