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Functional Medicine Success Story

Reflux Gone, Energy and Libido Back

by Nathalie Bera-Miller, MD

AB is a 51 year old woman with whom I worked for almost one year. She came to me with endoscopy-diagnosed esophagitis and gastritis (biopsy negative for celiac disease and H.pylori). She also complained of stress, insomnia and menopausal symptoms (no hot flashes but low libido and vaginal dryness). Her primary care doctor wanted her to take antacids and her ENT doctor recommended that she start Xanax. She did not want to take medications and so found me.

On her first visit we discussed doing a cleanse/elimination diet with various supplements (including probiotics) to support her gut, beginning a daily meditative routine, and also drawing some labs. On her first return visit, she had improved in her sleep (needing melatonin only occasionally), energy and esophageal symptoms. She also discovered that she was sensitive to oats and almonds (causing headaches – she had been eating these frequently for breakfast and snacks, respectively), and dairy and wine hindered her sleep and caused some heart palpitations (EKG and cardiac evaluation were normal).

Her labs with me revealed that she had a high glucose/HgA1C level. So we discussed some continued food eliminations as well as ways to further decrease her blood sugar levels through both dietary and mind-body ways. We also discussed the addition of maca, to support libido, and some detoxification support. She implemented these dietary and supplement recommendations and started using the emwave2 device I showed her.

She returned with improved libido but still some vaginal dryness and food sensitivities. Because she had some persistent food sensitivities we did some additional testing which revealed a slight parasite and yeast infection and so we added an herbal anti microbial.

I also advised her to start some bioidentical estrogen vaginal cream for her vaginal dryness. At her final visit with me, her gut troubles and vaginal dryness were completely resolved, and her HgA1C had normalized. She was very happy to be enjoying an active symptom-free life with her husband and family.


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