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How a DNA genetic test can change your life - Connectable Life

Do you want to improve your life and build a better future? How a DNA genetic test can change your life

How a DNA genetic test can change your life

Is it the blueprint you’ve always wanted?


I have always loved the idea of holistic, natural health care, but in saying that- I have not always been the most diligent at being healthy. I am a mom of 4 boys, and I have certainly had my own journey with health. I love junk food, but more so, I love the convenience that comes with it. It’s just so easy and yummy: it’s hard not to love. But somewhere along my journey, I fell in love with Functional Medicine (a natural but scientific approach to medicine, using conventional medical testing coupled with supplements, food, medicine and more… to heal you) and my views and habits started to change. I watched many videos, read articles and books and DNA testing kept popping up, along with the subject of Epigenetics (Epigenetics is an emerging area of scientific research that shows how environmental influences-children’s experiences-actually affect the expression of their genes.)

I had wanted to do a DNA/genetics test for a long time and finally ‘bit the bullet’ and had it done. LIFE CHANGING


I was telling a friend about how I really felt that it had changed my life. During the conversation, she asked me, “Why would you do a DNA test? I don’t want to have one.” After a lovely conversation about this, she told me her reason was that she had lost her dad to cancer and did not want that potential ‘death sentence’ hanging over her head. I understood how it can easily seem this way, but actually the opposite is true. Our DNA is an absolute blueprint of our make-up, but the incredible thing about knowing our DNA is that we can ‘change’ it. You might think, ‘What? I can change my DNA?’ and the simple answer is technically ‘NO’, but in theory ‘YES’. Your DNA is your DNA, passed on to you by your parents and their lineage.


The exciting thing about your DNA is that you can open and close your gene profiles (gene SNiPs) by how you choose to live. Just because you have a specific gene, does not guarantee that you will get that disease- and knowing this, gives you the power to live in a way that ensures this. You can have the gene for Alzheimer’s, but live your life in a way that closes that gene SNiP and you won’t ever get Alzheimer’s.

This friend was amazed. She could have a DNA test done, understand her make up and live in accordance with that. If she has the cancer gene, she could live her life, with the guidance of a medical specialist and never get cancer. Alternatively, she may do the test and find out she doesn’t carry the gene at all. Instead of wondering (and stressing) her whole life about if or when she might get it, she can live knowing she has the gene, but it won’t ever affect her. This excited her. Our genes are the most beautiful yet scientific way to understand ourselves.


When you know the blueprint, you can develop a plan, which means you can deliver excellent result and the desired outcome. Knowing what a potential threat may be, helps you to redirect your path.


My life was changed forever.


I learnt that I don’t detox well. I don’t breakdown toxins, which is massive! This means that I don’t have the gene process to create good antioxidants in my body and therefore ‘free radicals’, which are toxins and corrupt cells, cannot be removed from my body. Studies show that up to 50% of people don’t have these genes and it is a massive contributor to chronic diseases. We are eating foods, using products, and are generally exposed to more chemicals and toxins in today’s world, which our bodies are unable to process. I now know which supplements and foods I need to consume to help combat this. Another negative gene I have (or, rather, an important gene I don’t have) is the ability to process histamine. Histamine is in many of our foods, especially older foods. Histamine issues have 100s of different side effects, from itchy skin to skin rashes to not sleeping through the night. This was my issue: I didn’t sleep past 3am, how awful? After addressing this issue, I now sleep beautifully. I learnt a lot more than just this, and all of which have been game changers in my life.


This reminds me of the bible verse, ‘Know the truth and the truth will set you free.’ John 8:32


What you need to know about doing a DNA genetic test

The Benefits

As has been mentioned, your DNA can tell you a lot about yourself and your future. It is an instruction manual for your own body and life. It takes the guesswork out. It is especially specific to YOU. We’ve been given the means to understand our blueprint and prevent problems. Incredible!

There are many different DNA tests available, specific to different areas, and all of them are beneficial.

They help in diagnosing genetic conditions. When someone has an accurate diagnosis, the appropriate treatment and plan can be given, and you have a better chance of finding support and managing their health care. Test results https://geneticalliance.org.uk/information/service-and-testing/benefits-and-risks-of-genetic-testing/ can provide a sense of relief from uncertainty and help people make informed decisions.  If a genetic test tells you that you have an increased risk of developing a condition later in life (such as breast cancer) you might be able to go for more regular check-ups, and take other measures to keep the risk at a minimum: diet, supplements, and lifestyle factors contribute to this too. Newborn screenings can identify genetic disorders early in life, so treatment can be started as early as possible.

We have the perfect Specialist to help you through doing a DNA genetic test.

There are different providers and facilitators of DNA genetic test.

You can do a DNA test with a company or a facilitator. If you try to read the results of your test yourself, you will receive a good understanding of your genetic make-up, but you might not get the full benefits that you would if you saw a medical practitioner. A good example here is that a friend of mine did a DNA test with a dietitian, for herself and her daughter (who struggles with skin rashes), and having the tests explained by a dietitian was wonderful. She gained so much knowledge, but she still had further questions and therefore booked to see a medical professional who could explain more. Finding the right person is also key to this, as with everything. This friend was blown away by how much more information she was given, going far deeper into her hormones and DNA SNiP combinations. She was given sound advice with regards to supplements and food which her body needed and exactly what to do in order to turn her negative gene SNiPs off: therefore not getting any of the nasties in the future, and especially for her young daughter.


Top 10 benefits of doing a DNA genetic test.

According to Circle Magazine, the top 10 benefits include…

  1. Dietary Needs: Learn What to Eat According to Your Genes

A DNA Genetic test can help you optimise your health by providing you with information about your possible food sensitivities, food intolerances, and optimal diet based on your genes. Once you learn what to eat according to your genes, you could start noticing better overall health and wellness. Many social media influencers have tried modifying their diet based on their dietary report from CircleDNA and had fantastic results.

Your DNA genetic test will provide you with your own unique dietary profile, complete with recommendations based on your personal dietary needs. You’ll learn about things like possible carbohydrate sensitivities, fat sensitivities, lactose intolerance, caffeine sensitivities and alcohol sensitivities. Someone who is genetically sensitive to carbohydrates, for example, might decide to go on a low carb diet. This is only one example of many ways the dietary reports can help you figure out your optimal diet for optimal health.

2. Genetic Nutrition Report

A DNA genetic nutrition report notifies you of specific vitamins and minerals you might need more of, based on your genetics. Your DNA report can tell you about your body’s ability to absorb certain essential vitamins and minerals. For example, if you genetically have higher needs for iron, you’ll realize you need to add more iron to your diet. These genetic nutrition reports truly help transform your health. You’ll learn which supplements, vitamins and minerals you might be at risk for deficiencies in, and can accordingly perform specific blood tests for those vitamins to understand your current state. Giving you the benefits and added advantage you need and want.

3. Preventative Health: Reports on Cancer and Disease Risk

Are you genetically at risk for certain cancers or diseases? One of the top benefits of DNA genetic testing is that you could find out your risk for cancers and diseases. A specific test will provide you with information about a certain list of conditions, diseases and cancer-causing genetic mutations you might have.

You’ll also learn about your risk for other health conditions, including your risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. If you find out you’re at risk for any diseases or cancers, you can take preventative measures by adjusting your lifestyle choices, performing necessary screening tests, getting more frequent check-ups and taking preventive measures based on the results. You can also start long-term planning just in case, so that you’re prepared or so that your family is prepared.

When a DNA genetic test states that you’re at risk, this doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get that cancer or develop that disease. You can mitigate risk and fight against your genetics by adjusting your lifestyle choices and scheduling more frequent check-ups with your doctor. A genetics counsellor can help you understand the results in detail and devise a plan of action on what to do next.

Another one of the benefits of DNA testing is learning more about your ethnic background. The DNA test can estimate the percentage of where your ancestry comes from in six different geographical regions.

5. Skin Profile

It’s undeniable that most people care about the health and appearance of their skin. Are you genetically prone to certain skin conditions? One of the most interesting benefits of DNA testing is that you can learn your skin’s genetic profile and take preventative measures against these skin conditions. Based on your genetic testing results, we can inform you of your skin’s natural strengths and weaknesses. You’ll learn about your skin age, acne risk, cellulite tendencies, wrinkle formation risk, skin bruising tendencies, your skin hydration needs, hyperpigmentation risk, and more.

6. Face, Body and Physical Traits

DNA testing can tell you a lot about your physical traits. If you’ve wondered, for example, why you have difficulty gaining weight or gaining curves, your DNA test could explain why. Did you know that award-winning bodybuilder Mack Fitt found out he was genetically prone to something called ‘persistent thinness’ but was able to fight against his genetics and become a bodybuilder? His results helped him understand why he had such a difficult time building muscle mass. It was written in his DNA to be on the thinner side. He used that information as a cue that due to his genetics, he’d need to work a lot harder than most of his peers to become a bodybuilder. He achieved this goal, and thanks to understanding his body.

7. Personality and Behaviour: Get to Know Yourself Better

Getting to know yourself better helps you love yourself and accept yourself. It’s very important to keep learning about yourself and keep getting to know yourself. One of the top 10 benefits of DNA testing is definitely understanding yourself and your core personality better.

Did you know that neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin create a framework for your core personality? A DNA test analyses genes related to these neurotransmitters to determine your genetic behavioural disposition. Through DNA genetic testing, you’ll learn about your genetic strengths and weaknesses when it comes to agreeableness, openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism, altruism, emotional intelligence and much more.

8. Addiction Tendencies

Addiction of any sort is a very serious health concern, so it can be very helpful to learn about your addiction tendencies based on your DNA. If you’re at risk for food addiction, alcohol addiction or smoking addiction, for example, your DNA report will include information about these risks. This is the type of crucial information that could deter a person from indulging in alcohol often. They would not want to develop an addiction – especially if they’re genetically at risk for it.

9. Optimal Training Program: Your Fitness Reports

A comprehensive DNA genetic test can help you understand your body type and figure out your optimal training program for the best possible fitness results. Strength, power and endurance, for example, will be naturally high or low depending on your genetics. Benefits of DNA testing also include individual sports profiles, where you’ll learn which sports you might be better at based on your DNA.

10. Family Planning Based on Your DNA

Are you thinking of starting a family and want to get pregnant? If you and your partner both get a comprehensive DNA test, you can get genetic insights on whether you or your partner carry inheritable conditions that could be passed on to your children. Many of us are carriers and we don’t know it. One of the most important things to learn is whether you and your partner are both carriers of the same inheritable condition, as this increases the risk of passing the condition on to your unborn child.

When it comes to family planning, knowing both parents are carriers means that the couple might decide to do IVF (in vitro fertilisation) post-screening of the embryos that will not be affected by the inherited condition and could be chosen to be placed into the womb of the mother. This is called pre-implantation genetic testing for monogenic/single-gene diseases, also known as PGT-M or PGS. You can consider the safest options for family planning after reviewing your DNA test results. That’s why one of the top benefits of DNA testing is safe family planning.

Another incredible aspect of having a DNA genetic test for family planning is that specialists can now even remove unwanted gene snips from IVF embryos. How incredible.

The potential downside.

Possible risks and limitations

Taking a genetic test, waiting for the results, and then receiving them may cause a range of mixed emotions such as relief, fear, anxiety or guilt. It is important to think through the possible consequences for you and your family if you were to receive either good news or bad news.

Even though a genetic test may confirm a diagnosis, there may be no intervention or treatment available.

In some people, a gene or chromosome change (mutation) cannot be found. This does not necessarily mean there is no change. Some genetic mutations are very difficult to find with current laboratory techniques. For those trying to get a diagnosis, this can be very frustrating. You should discuss this issue with your doctor.

For some conditions, even though a changed gene or chromosome is found, it is not possible to tell how severely a person will be affected.

Genetic mutations are often passed down through families. Therefore, the results of your genetic test may reveal genetic information about other family members, in particular their genetic risk of a condition. Will other family members want to know this?

It might be important to find out how the results of a genetic test would affect your insurance situation before going ahead with testing.

Test results may sometimes reveal family secrets involving paternity and adoption.

Once you have the results of a genetic test there is no going back. Therefore it is important to be very sure about the decision you make, and why it is important to discuss your decision with a genetic medical practitioner. Remember that making an appointment to have a discussion does not mean that you have to go ahead with testing.

What Next?

The most important part of doing a DNA genetic test is to get advice from a medical practitioner on how best to go forward with your new knowledge. You may potentially do further blood test to confirm what you need: supplements, nutrients, minerals. You will be advised to eat a diet that is good for you and to get the exercise you need and more. Book with Julie Allen-Rowland – https://www.connectablelife.com/profile/julie-allen-rowland

The end result is that you will have the upper advantage to your future and how healthy you will be. It goes without saying that doing a DNA genetic test will change your life and your family’s, ultimately for the good.

Do you want to change your life and change your genes. - Connectable Life
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