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Did this virus NEED to happen to us?! Is this necessary? The World in Crisis: Covid-19

Did this virus NEED to happen: The World in Crisis: COVID-19

Did this virus NEED to happen to us?! Is this necessary? The World in Crisis: COVID-19

We thought the world was ours and that we were in control; we assumed that we were in charge and we could use it as we liked. I think we are all quickly realizing that we are NOT in control and that we are not as powerful as we think we are! We are, in fact, living out history, and it’s showing us that we need to change!

We have been riding on a wave of human arrogance these past decades, centuries and generations. The world is now realizing that we are in a new era and that there is an invisible force that is infecting us and bringing us to our knees. Coronavirus, COVID-19! It seems we have succumbed to the fact that we are not invincible, and we are being humbled by a virus which is shutting down the world, piece by piece.

Sadly, I have posed this question to myself, ‘Did this virus NEED to happen to us?! Is this necessary?’ I also keep asking myself, ‘How do we change our behaviour as a people, as a result of Coronavirus, how do we grow as humanity from this?’ Because we sure as anything cannot continue the way we are going. We cannot continue in our selfish pursuit; it’s time to start ending our greed! Is this virus bringing us back to basics?

Humanity is standing on the edge, peering over the precipice. We are on the tipping point, questioning and wondering how to move forward. If these questions are new to you, maybe it’s time to start thinking about them! We need to start asking ourselves hard questions and start making lifelong changes. We need to start changing. The question now is: What? Change What? Change How?

Stop and be present!

The World in Lockdown.

As the days are progressing, countries are locking down, closing borders, closing businesses and implementing home lockdowns and isolations. As a result, the world is slowly shutting down and keeping us inside, behind closed doors. Amazingly, as we are disconnecting from the busy rush of the world and the everyday grind and commute- we are not being disconnected from life: due to the internet we are able to still stay connected and we can stay available. We can still stay in touch with what really matters, and WHO really matters. It is amazing to see how this has brought people together through social media. With the rush being slowed, with the noise being stilled, it has given rise to a new creativity. It has given rise to community and allows us to look for the change that is needed.

Start by Helping Others and Being Kind.

Substantial research shows that achieving something or progressing in an area of importance in our lives, it improves and increases our mood and emotions. More importantly, it shows that this is significantly increased when we make a difference somewhere. When we achieve purely for ourselves, yes- it’s gratifying. It increases a rush of chemicals in our brain; such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine (all beneficial neurotransmitters). This ‘rush’ is even greater when we are involved in helping others: being part of a community and helping to benefit others. As you are physically helping the other person, it also helps release those same chemicals in their brain and gives everybody a longer-lasting emotional ‘high’. In turn, helping others helps yourself. Placing more importance on people rather than things you can acquire, gives us greater satisfaction and longer-lasting happiness. So, given the way the world has become- maybe the answer to my above question, ‘did this virus need to happen to us?’, is YES. In the end, it is helping us to let go of the chaos and is bringing back community.

In the busy rush, we have unintentionally become more selfish and self-centred, but now- in the silence- we can learn to become more people-centred and find ways to be kind to others and kind to yourself all at the same time.

With that same passion- start caring for yourself, and start doing all the things you know you need to do to look after yourself.

Help Yourself Find Happiness and Peace:

Use this period as a time to work on yourself and your relationships. Maybe it means having a fresh look at the way you live your life, what you place importance on and re-adjusting (or even setting) your goals. You could start by looking at the list below and evaluating yourself and your life under each heading. From our blog, Keys to happiness

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Gratitude
  3. Mindsets & Thinking
  4. Learning & Pursuing
  5. Volunteering & Community
  6. Goals & Purpose
  7. Get Help if You Need it!

Considering Our World, Our Earth and Our Planet!

It starts with us. Our world, earth and planet was perfect before we started destroying it before we started over-consuming, over-manufacturing and over-producing. We have stolen, manipulated and destroyed it and we are now paying the price! Global warming is a result of humans, not any other aspect. Did we think we could really win against the world and against God? Did we think we were the invincible ones? No! It’s time we start to make the changes in ‘OUR’ world around us and start looking after ‘OUR’ environment. We need to stop just being consumers and start becoming contributors to a better, healthier, kinder world. Stop driving/commuting so much, just stop a little longer. Take time to be still with your family and friends. Start recreating old habits and ways. Remember this time of Coronavirus lockdown forever, remember how this virus caused the world to wake up and change!

What is This Teaching Us?

This time of lockdown and slowdown is teaching us to Stop and be Still, but we need to remember to do it forever! Our lives are changing before our eyes and not because we chose to become better people, not because we chose to become more conscious of our surroundings but because if we want to survive and flourish, we must. Start loving what you have got! Let this moment in time remind us of a legacy of change!

Are we learning the lessons? I hope so! I hope that we don’t forget this time, as if it is a small memory, ready to get lost in the winds of busy life. My hope is that this strange time teaches us to remember what is important; family and our healthy lives, people and the world around us. We have the power to unite in this, let’s look up to the heavens, where our hope comes from and remember…

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Stacey Spilsbury

My passion is people and healing! My purpose is to help as many people as I can, and normalize therapy of all forms. My journey hasn't always been an easy one; as a child, I was diagnosed with a number of learning disabilities, which meant many hours of therapy. Of which I will always be grateful for. I went on to study marketing and business, during this time, I went through a massive life change. Questioning every decision I had made up to that point, which led me onto a road of self-discovery, church and the bible. Losing 25kg and exploring a new way of doing life, I grew some wings and explored the world. Spending a couple of years working in the sales department for an 'off-plan property investment company', in London. Afterwhich coming back to South Africa to marry the man of my youth, where we now share in the joy of raising our crazy brood of 4 little boys on a farm in rural South Africa. After a series of life events, and seeking the counsel of a therapist in order to find my own personal healing. This journey, leading me to pick up the books again and study, Career Guidance Counselling. All of this helped propel my passion of Mental Health and Physical Wellness. It was through a conversation, in 2019, with my darling friend Jess, in which we hatched up the concept of 'Online Therapy of all forms - Mind, Body and Wellness.' At this point, it had not been done before, and therefore we couldn't walk away. This is where it started, we co-founded and now co-own Connectable Life- making mental health and wellness easy, accessible and stigma-free. Our goal is to make, 'the therapy space,' accessible to all who need it. Highlighting the power of healing for everyone, wellness over illness.


  • March 31, 2020 at 3:58 pm
    Anne Balmer

    Interesting read & very thought provoking!

  • August 4, 2020 at 7:25 am

    Thanks so much. We hope so too. Hope you are keeping well and safe. This is a platform for the people, where people can find health and healing in their time at their convenience.

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