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Connectable Life – a global meeting place for all your needs.

-By Being Maddie’s Mom (Monique De Villiers-Delport)

Online Therapy at it’s best…

I recently came across a local duo who have just recently launched their online Mind, Body and Wellness platform called Connectable Life. Through their shared background of psychology and career counselling, as well as their shared passion for helping people, Jess and Stacey’s online therapy platform basically connects specialist practitioners with clients via a video portal. From the meeting, to time scheduling, to payments, right through to the consultation- it all happens on their easy to navigate website!
It’s often times like these where I think a personal assistant in my back pocket that would not only have all the information I need at my fingertips but also manage my diary from the meeting, to time scheduling, to payments, right through to the consultation!

How often do you find yourself Googling a ‘fitness trainer near me’, ‘dietitian near me’ or ‘counselling near me’ and you have been overwhelmed with the hits with no idea where to start… who to contact or where to book. I know when I have moments like these I wish I could have a friend’s ‘little black book’ to help me navigate what I am looking for and heck, book and schedule the sessions for me too! Life can be overwhelming and prioritising time for ourselves, our needs and health can often be at the bottom of the list!

Eliminating the need to search for a specialist in your area – they have therapy from all fields and an excess of over 35 different specialists on their books! From online sleep therapy to an online dietitian or lactation specialist at your fingertips. What is really great is that they have personalized the experience by uploading introductory videos of the specialists that you can watch before deciding on one that you feel would best suit you and your needs. How lovely that you would know a little bit about your specialist before you divulge everything about yourself?


Here’s a short clip on how Connectable Life works:

Now that I am pregnant with my second I can’t help but think about things I may need – like a maternity coach, lactation specialist, sleep specialist… things that aren’t always easy to do and get to with a newborn baby, especially in lockdown with a toddler at home. But by signing up with the ladies of  Connectable Life, a full list of specialists is readily available at the click of a button and my favourite part… it all happens online – in the comfort of my own home, in my PJs if I wish and without having to pack up with a newborn and head to a medical centre for example.


The Connectable Life website is basically an online global meeting place where you simply choose a therapy and specialist that best suits your needs and meet with them in their built-in webcam in the comfort and safety of your own space.

It’s as easy as creating an account, browsing through their therapies and specialists to find one that you connect with and then book your video session, pay and meet with them in their built-in webcam facility.


So if you’re looking for a ‘one-stop’ shop for online counselling, online personal training or an online life coach – I highly recommend signing up to Connectable Life and taking advantage of the convenience and benefits of their online platform.

For more information visit their website: https://www.connectablelife.com/

This is a paid for collaboration with Connectable Life.

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