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Connectable Life - a beautiful story of how it all started

Online counseling mental health care and therapy

Discover the significance of an all-inclusive platform for online counseling, mental health care, and therapy, catering to the diverse needs of individuals worldwide. Delve into the quest for emotional and physical support and explore the origins of this transformative journey towards a comprehensive healthcare website. Find out where to seek assistance for your mind, body, and overall well-being in this captivating exploration of online counseling, mental health, and therapy.

If you find yourself pondering these questions:

  • Are there trustworthy and secure online counseling, therapy, and healthcare options available?
  • Is there a comprehensive website that caters to mental health care, therapy, and overall well-being?
  • Can I find the support I need for anxiety, stress, and life’s challenges, as well as physical well-being?

The resounding answer to all these concerns is a resounding YES! Introducing Connectable Life, the ultimate online platform that prioritizes your security, offers a wide range of services, and provides the support you seek for your mental and physical well-being.

Connectable Life is an online platform- connecting mind, body and wellness specialists with clients. This platform allows for the full experience to happen: finding your preferred and chosen specialist, booking and paying for your consultation and the meeting of your consultation within the in house webcam facility.

A Coffee and good conversation was all it took to create a new adventure!

Connectable Life, like so many ventures, was created over coffee and (damn) good conversation! Jess and I, killing time and discussing our favourite topic, the health of people! Jess studied Psychology, and although I never did, it was my dream to and so I am constantly reading, listening and watching material on Psychology, Mental Health Studies and overall Health! We are both fascinated and moved by the idea of a world being healed and cared for. The world becoming whole again. We asked each other, ‘Why are teaching platforms so easily accessible? There is a platform for pretty much everything online. Shouldn’t there be a mind, body and wellness platform?’ As we discussed this new possibility, we thought this platform needed to cover all different aspects of health care. From psychologists, marriage counsellors, parenting therapy, fitness, personal trainers, dietitians, maternity coaches, life coaches and so many more. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could go online, at any time, and find all the specialists you need? In essence, an all-on-one health care platform.
So, in a gigantic nutshell, we decided then and there that the small seed of an Acorn (our idea about a health care platform) was going to become the giant Oak Tree (Connectable Life).

It was almost a shout out of-

“Let’s build a platform that covers every base-where a person can find the health care specialist they need, look at their calendars, book and pay for a consultation and meet within the in house webcam facility! Meeting the needs of people worldwide.”
Almost jumping off our seats in excitement,
Jess and I made the forever
decision that this was going to
be our forever reality.
Hysterically though, we thought it would take a month to throw together. That the health care specialists would be signing up like ants climbing on a leaf floating down river and this website would cost a meager pittance to all set up. Seriously, laughing crying face over here. None of the above is true! After hunting down developers, some legit ones, some fly-by-night, not-legit-at-all ones and some incredible-but-already-in-demand-ones. We found our match! Okay, so developers were in the bag, but now the finances, of which we did not have one little bit available… Good golly! We almost needed to sell our organs on the black market but, thankfully, we were able to get our family on board! Away we go, the adventure of online health care activation!
Now I must add…. Jess and I are learning every step of this business, brand new.  We didn’t realise how many different aspects there were. We come from and live in a teeny, tiny little village town. Jess, a mom of two and a high school English teacher had just resigned and taken to online teaching and I a mom of four and very much part-time career guidance counselor and online teacher. We were on the highway to new discoveries and pulling into every pitstop along the way to gain as much information as we could!

Go Go Go

By late November, barely three months in, our devs had setup shop and all systems were go. They delivered a top-notch, clean-cut, easy to navigate Stage 1 Health Care Specialists Sign Up website. Ready for Psychologists, Counselors, Dietitians, Fitness, Personal Trainers, Maternity Coaches, Life Coaches, Lactation Specialists and many more.


Mind Body Wellness Categories Connectable Life

Stage 1

Here is where Health Care Specialists can create their profiles on Connectable Life. They will load their qualifications onto their profiles, a short intro video and set their own rates. All of this is happening while Stage 2, our fully-fledged site, is being constructed-brick by brick, which is code in the virtual cloud. Family and friends keep asking us why it takes a website three months to build. My EXPLANATION, which is pretty LIMITED, is that a website of this size is the same as real estate, just a virtual kind. The same way a property is built: the land is bought, the building is constructed with bricks and mortar, and so, this virtual property of ours, Connectable Life, is being built – but this one in the virtual cloud and instead of bricks and mortar, it’s code, millions of codes lined together. Find out more: https://www.connectablelife.com/specialists

Stage 2

The full Online counselling mental health care and therapy website will be ready around the end of March 2020/ beginning of April 2020. What will be ready for the world to embark on, is our heart’s desire- a platform where people can find help for all of life’s needs and woes, day and night. May Connectable Life becomes more than just a platform, may Connectable Life take on a life of its own, where people can find their own wholeness and healing, learn to find happiness and inner peace. May Connectable Life become a community of loving ourselves and others into growth and change. A community of kindness!

Our passion to see people’s lives renewed and changed. May happiness be a normal emotion, may joy, peace and love become the norm in today’s world, and may Connectable Life help….
Stacey Spilsbury

My passion is people and healing! My purpose is to help as many people as I can, and normalize therapy of all forms. My journey hasn't always been an easy one; as a child, I was diagnosed with a number of learning disabilities, which meant many hours of therapy. Of which I will always be grateful for. I went on to study marketing and business, during this time, I went through a massive life change. Questioning every decision I had made up to that point, which led me onto a road of self-discovery, church and the bible. Losing 25kg and exploring a new way of doing life, I grew some wings and explored the world. Spending a couple of years working in the sales department for an 'off-plan property investment company', in London. Afterwhich coming back to South Africa to marry the man of my youth, where we now share in the joy of raising our crazy brood of 4 little boys on a farm in rural South Africa. After a series of life events, and seeking the counsel of a therapist in order to find my own personal healing. This journey, leading me to pick up the books again and study, Career Guidance Counselling. All of this helped propel my passion of Mental Health and Physical Wellness. It was through a conversation, in 2019, with my darling friend Jess, in which we hatched up the concept of 'Online Therapy of all forms - Mind, Body and Wellness.' At this point, it had not been done before, and therefore we couldn't walk away. This is where it started, we co-founded and now co-own Connectable Life- making mental health and wellness easy, accessible and stigma-free. Our goal is to make, 'the therapy space,' accessible to all who need it. Highlighting the power of healing for everyone, wellness over illness.


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    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

    • August 4, 2020 at 7:23 am

      Wonderful thanks so much for your comment. So happy you are enjoying our blogs. Please keep commenting and sharing this knowledge.

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