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Find someone to talk to and walk with.
Online Mental Health and Wellness Platform for you.

We have a range of Mind, Body and Wellness specialists waiting to connect with you, motivate you and journey with you. From the meeting, to time scheduling, to payments, right through to the webcam consultation- it all happens here! Whether you have faced a life trauma, are struggling with everyday problems or would just like to improve on yourself and your life- we have someone for you.

There is no stigma in becoming your best self!

Where Healing and Happiness Begin.

Connectable Life - Your Global Meeting Place

How it works

Simply choose a therapy and specialist that best suits you and meet with them in our built-in webcam in the comfort and safety of your own space.

Create an Account

Create a user account that allows you to book with a specialist.

Find your Therapist

Browse through our therapies and specialists and find one that YOU connect with.

Video Sessions

Book, pay and meet with them in our built-in webcam facility.

Why join Connectable Life’s family?
For our Clients:
  • It is SO user-friendly.
  • Safe, secure and private video room.
  • No stigmas attached!
  • Wider choice of specialists.
  • Specialists are vetted against their qualifications.
  • Wider choice of therapies.
  • Seamless card payments.
  • Pay as-and-when you need sessions
  • YOU choose a specialist best for YOU.
  • Choice of a specialist within your budget.
  • No joining or monthly fees.
  • Therapy wherever you are!
  • Help at the ready.
For our specialists:
  • Broaden your reach
  • Fill up those blank spots in your diaries!
  • Bookings are handled for you.
  • Option to sync your Google Calendar.
  • Invoicing done for you.
  • Payments handled for you.
  • General ease-of-admin=more time for you.
  • Reminders sent to you and client.
  • No need to setup a meeting room.
  • Marketing and exposure.
  • No joining or monthly fees.
  • We want to work WITH you.
Reaching out and connecting has never been easier.

Guidance has never been more convenient.
Reaching out and connecting has never been easier. Guidance has never been more convenient. We understand that therapy of any kind is a personal journey and that you need to ‘click' with your counsellor or therapist for the experience to work. This is why we ask our specialists to upload their photo, a bio about themselves as well as a short video clip. We feel that this will allow the client to browse through and find someone that is best suited to them and what they need. This should, in essence, already make the process more successful as they have made an informed decision and have a sense of who it is they are going to be journeying with. You will have a feel for their personality, approach, and style.


Urgent Help

If you are in a life-threatening situation, please do not use this site. Crisis helplines are listed here for your convenience for all countries, please click on the button to find yours.